Annual membership is $30 for new members and $25 for renewing members. Membership runs per calendar year.

Membership allows you to go to any of our working group meetings and most special events.

If you have any questions email one of our membership group contacts.

If you are interested in joining one of the Permaculture groups please email the group contact and they will give you up to date information on  planned meetings and activities.  We can then talk to you further, answer any questions and introduce you to the group.  Once you are a financial member you will be able to participate in most activities as part of your membership.  Prior to joining you will be considered a visitor and be required to pay a casual attendance fee.


To pay for your membership:

1) select your preferred/closest group and if you are a new or renewing member
2) provide the name you want the membership to be in (e.g. your name)
3) pay via the PayPal gateway.

Permaculture Sydney South Membership (Annual)

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