9 April 2017: Hidden secrets of the Royal Botanic Gardens

  Lead by Jennifer Baxter   Get your Opal ready for travel by train to city for a permi-centric peek at the secrets of the Royal Botanic Garden. Meet at Queen Elizabeth gate near the Opera House forecourt at 10.30 am on Sunday 9 April. Finish approximately 12.30 pm. We may spend time in Cadi Jam Ora/First Encounters learning about traditional… Continue reading »


12 March 2017: Permablitz

This month St George/Sutherland Permaculture will be having a Permablitz instead of our usual Friday evening meeting.  The Permablitz will be on Sunday 12 March 2017 between 11.00 am and 2 pm. It will be a revisit of the original Permablitz back in 2009.  If you have never been involved in a Permablitz then this… Continue reading »


10 February 2017: History of Australian Agriculture Since Colonisation

The history of Australian agriculture has been full of challenges to say the least. Early European farmers tried to recreate an English farmscape, they cleared too many trees and suffered from cyclical drought and erosion whilst knowing very little about the native foods. Recent improved knowledge of our weather and ecology has seen farmers replanting… Continue reading »


Memebership Renewal 2017

Another year is underway and it is again time for membership renewal.  For all existing and new members please go to our BECOME A MEMBER page and fill in your details.  Membership is $25 if you are renewing and $30 for new members.  Payment is through the  Paypal gateway. Please fill in all the sections… Continue reading »

11 November 2016: Kokedama Creativity

11 November 2016:  Kokedama Creativity

This is the last event for the year for St George Permaculture. From the Japanese for “moss ball” Kokedamas can be hung in groups, used as bathroom features, and table decorations. Bring a friend and work together to create your own suite of kokedamas. All equipment supplied but if you have some favourite tubestock-sized cactus… Continue reading »


14 October 2016: Maximising Your Garden Bounty

Got a tree full of Limes or Lemons?  Don’t let them go to waste!  St George/Sutherland Permaculture Group will be running a workshop to show you how you can use every part of your lemons & limes. Turn them into cordials, preserve them for use in marinades and  accompaniments such as pickles and chutneys, make… Continue reading »


12 August 2016: Get Down and Dirty

St George Permaculture will be running a practical workshop on evaluating and testing the soil in your own garden.  What an opportunity!  Haven’t you always wondered just how good your soil is and whether you have achieved the right balance with all your hard work of soil enrichment.  This is your chance to test your… Continue reading »


8 July 2016: Sprouting & Microgreens 101

Would you like to know more about the world of sprouting seeds, legumes and nuts? Not only are sprouts delicious, but they are also good for you and more versatile than you think. Naturopath Hannah Boyd from New Leaf Naturopathic Health will teach you all about the science of sprouting and why they are a… Continue reading »


13 May 2016: Permachooks

For anyone interested in raising chickens in a suburban back yard coming along to the St George Sutherland Group meeting on 13 May  2016 is a must.  Jane Mowbray will talk about food and water requirement of chooks with emphasis on hot weather, shelter and security and how to facilitate this.  Discussion will also include… Continue reading »


8 April 2016: Crop Rotation and Intercropping

St George/Sutherland Permaculture Group will have a presentation on Crop Rotation and Intercropping presented by Nada Malkoc at their monthly meeting on Friday 8 April 2016 commencing at 7 pm. Attending this presentation is one of the benefits of your membership. Visitors are welcome with a $10 entry fee. Crop rotation is used to control pests… Continue reading »